What does Nine mean in African language?

1- Explanation of the Rules:

[Numeral – Symbol] [Cardinal Numbers – Words] [Ordinal Numbers – Words]
9 Nege Negende
10 Tien Tiende
11 Elf Elfde
12 Twaalf Twaalfde

What is number language called?

In linguistics, a numeral (or number word) in the broadest sense is a word or phrase that describes a numerical quantity. … Some theories of grammar use the word “numeral” to refer to cardinal numbers that act as a determiner that specify the quantity of a noun, for example the “two” in “two hats”.

What is hello in Swahili the language?

1. Hujambo — “Hello!” A friendly “hujambo” goes a long way. 2. Habari — Also means “hello” or “good morning.” Use this one when speaking with older people.

How do you say 10 in Japanese?

Ten (10) is 十 (juu, pronounced “joo”). You can also use these kanji with the native Japanese system. Simply add the “tsu” (つ) symbol after the kanji character.

How do you count to 20 in Swahili?

Information about counting in Swahili, a Bantu language spoken in much of east Africa by about 140 million people.

Numbers in Swahili (Kiswahili)

Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
17 kumi na saba kumi na saba
18 kumi na nane kumi na nane
19 kumi na tisa kumi na tisa
20 ishirini ishirini

What are different ways to say 9?

other words for nine

  • ninth.
  • nonagon.
  • enneadic.
  • novenary.

How do you say 1 in Spanish?

One (1) in Spanish is uno (OO-noh). Two (2) in Spanish is dos (doss).

How do you say 1 in different languages?

See also numbers from 11 to 20 in different languages.

Numbers in Different Languages.

English German
one eins
two zwei
three drei
four vier

What does Nine mean?

Despite not sounding like the translation of the word canine in other languages, many police and military units around the world use the same designation. … In North American urban culture, “nine” is a slang word for a 9mm pistol or homicide, the latter from the Illinois Criminal Code for homicide.

Are numbers the same in all languages?

No,numbers don’t look the same in every language. For example,Chinese numbers doesn’t similar to other languages,it’s writen not Latin alphabet.

How do you count to 5 in Swahili?

One to ten. Moja, mbili, tatu, nne, tano, sita, saba, nane, tisa, kumi.

one moja
four nne
five tano
six sita
seven saba

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