Will USAA tow my friend’s car?

When your car breaks down and is not functional, USAA Roadside Assistance will pay to have your car towed to the nearest repair facility. Your car must be next to or on a public roadway and will only be towed to a repair shop during regular business hours.

How many tows do you get with USAA?

How Does USAA Roadside Assistance Compare to Other Providers?

USAA Progressive
Yearly Cost $12-15 $23
Towing Nearest 15 miles
On-Site Mechanical Adjustment Free if possible 1 hr
Car Locksmith 1 hr

How much does USAA towing cost?

USAA roadside assistance is worth it for drivers who are looking for basic coverage at a low price. USAA customers can purchase roadside assistance as a policy add-on for $12 to $20 per year in order to get coverage for things like towing, gas delivery, and flat-tire changes.

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